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Always have an optimal and up-to-date profile on hand. Stand out and be found for your next sea job.

Join the crewlinker network and increase your opportunities, while saving time and effort. We make sure you always have an optimal and up-to-date profile, including your CV and certificates. Share your documents with vessel owners, operators and crewing agencies.

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“Crewlinker works very easily. While I was filling out my profile, certificates and details about the ships were automatically filled in. Even photos of vessels.”

Chief Officer

“Because Crewlinker creates uniformity in the naming of the different ranks, it will be a lot easier for employers in the shipping industry to find the right people.”

-Jasper Rengenhart
Second Engineer

How we work

Easy to use, optimal profile, suitable job


Create your free Crewlinker-profile

Register yourself and get a clear and uniform profile. Upload a photo and tell something about yourself.


Easy-to-follow steps for an optimal profile

Add your work experience. Use tags to give more details about your experience. Select and upload your certificates and you’re ready to go!


Update and share your profile on the go

Update your profile, download a resume in pdf-form and share your profile or resume with employers, anywhere and anytime you want.


Coming soonFind a suitable job!

Soon, international employers will join the network to search for you, connect with you and offer you a suitable job! We will link you and you will be able to link with employers.

Your peers

Coming soonLink with your peers

Soon, connect with your colleagues. Check out their profiles, chat with them and leave feedback about your time on board.

With Crewlinker, this is history

Stop missing job offers because your CV isn’t up-to-date

An operator calls. Excellent opportunity, but he wants to see your most recent CV first. Damn it, you still have to add your past shift, but no laptop right now. You fix it as soon as you get home, but the position is already taken by then. Too late.


Expand your opportunities

Optimizing and sharing your CV only take a few clicks

Updating your CV is hard, time-consuming, difficult without the internet and you’re often on the go. However, having an optimal, recent, and sharp CV on hand is key to finding a suitable job in your industry. With your Crewlinker-profile, building and sharing one is just a few mouse clicks away!

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Profile optimization

With our 10 years of experience

We help you update your profile by filling in the right vessel information and certificates

Give us the IMO-numbers or vessel names and we give you the names of the operators, technical data and photos of the vessels.

We help you attract employers with the right highlights and layout of your profile

Your profile as well as your digital resume are attractive for employers, as they are visual, organized and beautifully designed. We help you to decide what you need to highlight as your most relevant work experience. In a glance, employers can see what you have to offer them.


In short - The Crewlinker formula

Present yourself, stand out and be found

Feature 1


By using a vessel database and our algorithm we ensure your profile is easy to use, complete and, soon, ready to get you the right job offer.

Feature 2


Your profile has images, symbols, vessel data, the right information and the same word-use for crew and operators.

Feature 3

On the move

Edit and download your profile for free, anywhere and anytime. Share your link or resume. Finding a job starts from here!

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What’s more....

Very soon

Link and get linked with potential vessel owners, operators and crewing agencies

Your profile attracts employers to join the network. Crewlinker will make it easy for crew and employers to search, find and select each other. Also, vacancies will be posted, to which you can respond.

Use Crewlinker via its mobile application

Crewlinker will also appear in a mobile application. Update, download and share your profile on the go. And easily link and get linked with employers via the app.

Know what’s happening in the maritime and offshore industry

We will keep you updated on developments about the maritime and offshore industry.

Present yourself, stand out and be found

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