Crewlinker Launch at the Navingo Career Event 2021


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Oct 28, 2021

Crewlinker was launched at the Navingo Career Event on the 26th and 27th of October 2021. Since then, Crewlinker is live for crew working in the maritime and offshore industry.

Our team has been working on Crewlinker since January 2021. Seafarers and nautical students can now create, build and download their Crewlinker profile for free, where and whenever they want. The very first registrations are made at the career fair. They stand out and are ready to be found for their next sea job.

Positive feedback

“The Navingo Career Event was the ideal place to launch Crewlinker to the public“, says Co-Founder Ad van der Veer. Seafarers, nautical students, and maritime companies came to take a look at our stand. “We spoke to many people and it was inspiring to hear all their stories. I can't wait to find out how seafarers use Crewlinker for the rest of their maritime career.“

The Navingo Career Event was the ideal place to launch Crewlinker to the public Co-Founder Ad van der Veer

The reactions from the industry are positive. One of our first users, Jasper Rengenhart, who is a Second Engineer, says: "Because Crewlinker creates uniformity in the naming of the different ranks, it will be a lot easier for employers in the shipping industry to find the right people.”

Cor Kortekaas, a Maritime Officer student in IJmuiden, also created his profile at the event. “Crewlinker works easy for me”, he says. “You can easily and quickly fill in all your details. After that you can download a nice and neat CV from it.”

Energy to develop further

The conversations gave us extra energy and input to develop further. Soon, Crewlinker will be a place where crew and international vessel owners, operators and crewing agencies can find each other. Employers will be able to efficiently search for and contact crew. Seafarers will be able to share their profile with employers, and to find them and vacancies.

Next event: Nautical School Amsterdam

Our next event will be the open day of the Maritime Officer Studies (MarOf), at the University of Applied Sciences in Amsterdam. Crewlinker will be there next Saturday, October 30th, to speak with future seafarers about their upcoming career and to present Crewlinker to them.

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