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Did you know that, on average, it takes 42 days for employers to hire the right employee?

Our smart and user-friendly platform allows you to save time, energy, and money while finding the most eligible crew in the maritime and offshore industry.

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Crewlinker was designed to solve your problems in the hiring process

“We realized that existing recruitment platforms are both complicated and not adjusted enough to our industry. We have very specific terminology for job openings, we need to have insights in required certificates and we need to know the vessel-specific experience. That’s why we decided to create a user-friendly platform that is fit for the industry and ready for the future."

Co-founder of Crewlinker

Ivan Wagenaar


With the correct information, make the best decision, without wasting time

"Most of the candidates haven't had the time to add their most recent sea experience or update their documents. Often employers miss crucial information which in return gives higher pressure on finding crew in time. With Crewlinker we help seafarers to keep their profile up-to-date with all necessary information needed. So when an employer contacts them about a job, they can send all important documents immediately.”

Co-founder of Crewlinker

Tanguy Wagenaar


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With each vacancy on Crewlinker, we also promote your vacancy to our base of thousands of crew members via social media, email, and more.
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Our intelligent algorithm and powerful search functions give the best searching experience. Easily filter on duty, certificates, vessel type, and more. End the endless scrolling, and start searching efficiently.
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2nd mate, Second Mate, S/O? Don’t worry about searching with different keywords. Type one keyword and you’ll find them all.
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